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Industries we protect include:

Wine & Champagne

Close to one third of all alcoholic drinks sold are fake or mislabelled according to the Centre for Alcoholic Policy, in Victoria. Complicated supply chains with transparency difficulties mean consumers are vulnerable to fakes and counterfeits, many of which can be harmful when consumed. This leaves alcohol producers open to lost sales and more importantly brand trust issues and potential litigation.

Meat & Seafood

Food safety and fraud are major concerns. There are many food products in China, where counterfeiting is wide spread and substitute products are sold in many places, including reputable shops. Australia is a premium producer of safe, high quality Seafood and Beef – which is increasingly exported to China and other overseas locations. Chameleon™ is developing and commercialising a secure marking ecosystem that provides provenance information, transparency and security to food producers and consumers.

Luxury Brands

Counterfeit luxury products are a huge and growing problem, with an estimated US$100 billion of losses estimated in 2018 alone. Consumers pay very high prices because they want high quality and well made products. When they are sold fake substitutes, which are cheaply made and of inferior quality, this can lead to a brand’s name and reputation being damaged and a loss of trust with its customers.

Baby Foods & Formulas

Fake and adulterated baby milk formula and food products is a disgraceful and harmful form of counterfeiting. It is widespread and growing rapidly. Australia is a premium producer of safe, high quality baby food products and a preferred product by many international consumers. Chameleon™ can give these consumers a simple method to assure them a baby food product is genuine and will build trust, loyalty and ensure your brand is protected.

Health & Wellness Products

Health and Wellness products are a huge growth market globally, with people willing to spend large amounts regularly to help them look or feel better. Unfortunately, supplements and nutrients are virtually unregulated, allowing criminals to easily copy and sell fake products globally, with little chance of being detected. These fake supplements can be very harmful and even deadly.

Eg. In July 2019 Amazon sent out warnings to all its customers who purchased “Align” probiotics (made by Procter & Gamble), saying that they were likely fake.


Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a particularly important problem that must be solved.. Interpol estimates over 1 million people die each year from counterfeit drugs and medicines, including over 300,000 people in China. Chameleon’s patented SplatterPrint™ marking system can be applied securely on virtually any product packaging. According to a report by the World Health Organization, 1 in every 10 medical products found in circulation in low- and middle-income countries are either fake or of poor quality. Chameleon™ can even be used to mark and authenticate individual pills: Watch This Video

"In July 2019 Amazon sent out warnings to all its customers who purchased “Align” probiotics (made by Procter & Gamble), saying that they were likely fake."

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Our outcomes, focus, and objectives include:

Brand Protection

Both offline and online brand protection can lead to increased sales and a more resilient business. Cheap fakes can ultimately steal from your bottom line and damage your brand reputation and its overall value. Our product protection and authentication technology is a giant leap forward in mitigating this risk to ensure that this value is retained for continued business growth.

Customer Engagement

Consumers are more informed and more demanding of manufacturers, their products and the ever-competitive marketplace. Now more than ever, it is time for you to engage more directly with your customers to understand them further and add further value. Our advanced marking system can be deployed as a customer interaction or engagement tool to provide this opportunity.

Workplace Theft

Unintentional or deliberate theft costs companies hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In Australia, 70%* of business fraud losses are from existing and former staff, costing businesses over $1.5 billion per year. Most of this is from the theft of tools, mobile plant and equipment, IT equipment, and office supplies. We can provide low cost, adaptable anti-theft solutions that both deter theft and prove 100% ownership.

Product Authentication

Brands spend many millions of dollars, protecting the authenticity of their intellectual IP, but they often contribute little or nothing protecting their physical products from counterfeits and illegal copies. However, it is the Product that usually embodies your brand. Chameleon™ can provide a simple way to protect your products and enable your customers to quickly and accurately authenticate these physical products.

Supply Chain Tracking

With Supply Chains fast becoming less local and more international they also become less transparent, often being outsourced to 3rd-party logistics (3PL) service providers, with potentially different agendas than the manufactures of the products they deliver. Chameleon™ can provide your business with systems that can provide tools to track your goods globally across all modes of transport and storage.

Quality Assurance

Your company’s success and profitability in highly competitive global markets hinge on assuring your customers that your products are genuine and of the quality, they both expect and pay for. Chameleon’s product marking system can provide you with a simple tool to provide such assurance to your customer, as well as import/export authorities.


Counterfeiting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s a $1 trillion+ global problem and is not a victimless crime. We are exposed to fake and often dangerous goods daily. Chameleon’s simple, low-cost Anti-Counterfeiting solutions can address this problem in a meaningful way that increases your brand value and lifetime customer value.

Authentication. Tracking. Interacting.

How does our technology work?
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