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Our perfect fit, industry specific technologies connect your physical products to the digital world and give you direct access to the Consumer.

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Brand Transparency

94% of consumers say that they are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers TRANSPARENCY. Both offline and online brand transparency can lead to increased sales and a more resilient business. Our product marking and authentication technology is a giant leap forward in providing the consumer with all the information they need on an individual item by item basis. They simply scan the item with their smartphone.

Customer Engagement

Consumers are more informed and more demanding of manufacturers, their products and the ever-competitive marketplace. Now more than ever, it is time for you to engage more directly with your customers to understand them further and add further value. Our advanced marking system can be deployed as a customer interaction or engagement tool to provide this opportunity.

Workplace Theft

Unintentional or deliberate theft costs companies hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In Australia, 70%* of business fraud losses are from existing and former staff, costing businesses over $1.5 billion per year. Most of this is from the theft of tools, mobile plant and equipment, IT equipment, and office supplies. We can provide low cost, adaptable anti-theft solutions that both deter theft and prove 100% ownership.

Product Authentication

Brands spend many millions of dollars, protecting the authenticity of their intellectual IP, but they often contribute little or nothing protecting their physical products from counterfeits and illegal copies. However, it is the Product that usually embodies your brand. Chameleon can provide a simple way to protect your products and enable your customers to quickly and accurately authenticate these physical products.


User data may include contact info, location, brand preferences, interests, influences, inferred psychographic and psychometric data. Our SplatCode can be scanned multiple times along the supply chain providing useful metrics to 

Quality Assurance

Your company’s success and profitability in highly competitive global markets hinge on assuring your customers that your products are genuine and of the quality, they both expect and pay for. Chameleon’s product marking system can provide you with a simple tool to provide such assurance to your customer, as well as import/export authorities.


Counterfeiting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s a $1 trillion+ global problem and is not a victimless crime. We are exposed to fake and often dangerous goods daily. Chameleon’s simple, low-cost Anti-Counterfeiting solutions can address this problem in a meaningful way that increases your brand value and lifetime customer value.

Transparency. Consumer Engagement

How does our technology work?

Consumer Engagement
and Data Analytics.

Transparency is no longer an option, it is a consumer requirement. Our system enables brands to provide rich, dynamic content to the consumer on an item-by-item basis. The first step in our system is Authentication of your product to also protect against counterfeiting. 

Consumer Engagement is becoming more difficult. Our system simplifies it again by letting consumers interact with individual items, making it fun and interesting again. 

Data Analytics: As consumers scan more and more items using our system, the data becomes more and more useful and valuable. 

Chameleon’s cutting-edge technology provides tailored solutions for brands to customize their relationship with individual consumers worldwide.

Why choose Chameleon™

Cutting-edge technology

Chameleon™ operates around the world using our cutting edge technology to make brands fun again, and encourage engagement.

Our Partners

Chameleon™ Innovations is fortunate to work with and collaborate with extraordinary partners working together to build our eco-system of authenticity, transparency and engagement across the globe.


The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre collaborates with industry to grow the share of Australian food in the global marketplace.


EVRYTHNG is a UK company with a global customer and operates a Product Cloud™, a digital platform that helps business run differently, smarter and more efficiently.

Fight Food Waste CRC

The Fight Food Waste CRC is a collaboration industry, academic research and community that is capitalising on Australia’s food waste opportunities.


ChemCentre is Western Australia’s leading provider of specialised chemical and forensic science analysis and consulting services, to government agencies, private and public companies and academic institutions across Australia.

Deepbridge Capital

Deepbridge Capital is one of the most highly regarded, award-winning EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) investment management companies in the UK. Their clear focus is to only invest in companies with talented and passionate founders, potential to disrupt existing markets and clear intellectual property strategy, across innovative technology, life sciences.


Chainvine is a leading UK digital platform (aka Blockchain) that manages supply chain data across different industries in a highly secure manner.

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