Protect and engage – the smart way.

Step into the new world of smart authentication and instant customer engagement.

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Take your brand protection and customer engagement to the next level with our inexpensive and easy to implement solution.

Transforming the QR code

Using our patented SplatCode™ technology we transform the universally accepted QR code, by cryptographically pairing a unique individual SplatCode™ to a QR code. This creates a unique SmartQR®  code digital identity on each and every individual product.

This unique SmartQR®  code is then applied to your product’s packaging, labelling or on a tamper-proof seal by your packaging supplier or printer. It’s then scanned by the customer’s smartphone, just like you scan a standard QR code.

SmartQR® code

Intelligent and connected

Once scanned, the SmartQR®  code connects to our cloud platform, and enables the consumer to verify the product authenticity within a few seconds. Once verified, your brand can engage with the customer with your customised brand content. Every interaction with a SmartQR®  code is logged, including geolocation, date/time, user ID and IP address.

The Solution

Better brand and customer protection

Our SmartQR®  solution is designed to detect potential counterfeits so you can better protect your brand’s reputation, your customers and your business.

Personalised customer engagement

Our SmartQR®  solution provides unlimited opportunities to personalise your brand’s engagement with your customers based on their data profile – whoever or wherever they are.

Inexpensive and easy to implement

Our solution is easy to implement and requires no special equipment. All you need is a SmartQR®  code and your customised content to be delivered through our platform.

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