Integrated solution

Our integrated solution needs only three main components. A SmartQR® code, a Smartphone and our encrypted cloud-based platform. 

Cloud based platform

Our cloud-based platform does three key things.

  1. Stores the unique pattern and data associated with each and every SmartQR®code.
  2. Checks product authentication and verifies product authenticity within seconds.
  3. Stores and delivers personalised brand content to the consumer based on their data profile in seconds.

No equipment required

There’s no need for special applicators, special readers or any other unique technology or equipment to be installed at your packaging or printing facilities to apply the SmartQR® code. We make it easy.

No special skills required

There’s no need for any technical skills to upload, preview and publish your unique content and share your brand story with your customers. Our content management system makes it easy for you.

Data dashboard access

Plus, we make it easy for you to access and analyse your brand’s data on our platform anytime, from anywhere, through your own dashboard.

Easy to afford and implement

Our solution is designed to make it easy for companies of any size to enjoy better brand protection and provide superior customer engagement – without needing an army of technical professionals or big budgets.

Suits SMEs and large enterprises

Our service and pricing options make it easy for you to select the level of support to suit your needs. Whether you need no support, little support and maximum support we got you covered.