How it works

The SmartQR® code, invented by Chameleon in 2021, is unlimited in its application. By cryptographically pairing a unique SplatCode™ digital identity to a standard QR Code we transform it into a SmartQR® code.

Our integrated SmartQR® solution makes it easy for brands to enjoy superior brand protection through instant product authentication, while providing personalised customer engagement within seconds.


The primary technology we use to create a SmartQR® code is our patented SplatCode™ technology which can create trillions of unique and random patterns that cannot be copied – or reverse engineered.

Each unique SplatCode™ pattern within a SmartQR® code, along with the product data, is captured and stored securely in our database to enable instant product authentication and personalised engagement via smartphone.

Fingerprint Ink™

To add an additional layer of secure authentication our patented Fingerprint Ink™ technology, which creates billions of unique stable ‘fingerprints’, can be used in conjunction with our SplatCode™ technology.

Your packaging supplier or printer can simply use our patented ‘Fingerprint ink’ to print the unique SplatCode™ pattern to create the SmartQR® code directly on to the packaging or label during the normal printing process.

Smart WeChat code

Using our patented SplatCode™ technology, we can use a similar method to transform the WeChat code into a Smart WeChat code for easy adoption by WeChat’s 1.25 billion users.

Online Authentication

Our SmartQR® code can be incorporated into e-commerce platforms for online authentication to confirm the authenticity of an item before being purchased online. This is to address the problem of fake goods sold online.