Wine and spirits

Our SmartQR® solution makes it easy for wine and spirits marketers to protect their brand against counterfeits while they engage with customers at the pre-purchase stage in-store or online and provide instant access to customised content that helps them in their purchase decision.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

FMCG marketers can use our SmartQR® solution to protect their brands against counterfeits while they strengthen their relationships with existing and future customers in a number of ways that suits their product and brand story.

Fashion brands

Fashion marketers can use our SmartQR® solution on their labelling to protect against counterfeits while – at the point of sale – they answer customers’ questions on subjects that are becoming increasingly important to them.

Pharmaceutical and OTC medicinal products

Our SmartQR® solution help Pharmaceutical companies make it easier for customers to access product information pre- and post-purchase – with multiple language options – while simultaneously protecting them against counterfeits.