How is Chameleon’s SmartQR® code different from a normal QR code? What makes it smart?

A normal QR code was invented almost 30 years ago however, unlike a Television, Phone, Computer or any other technology it has not changed or evolved – until now!

A normal QR (Quick Response) code was invented to take a person quickly to a website. It was never supposed to be used for a secure connection or as an authentication tool.

A normal QR code can easily be copied, so a fake QR code can be applied to a fake product, which then directs you to a fake website.

A SmartQR® code is the next generation QR codes – it was invented by Chameleon Innovations and contains our patented SplatCode™ technology within the standard QR Code format, transforming it into a Smart and Secure QR code.

The patented SplatCode™ technology can create trillions of unique and random patterns that cannot be copied – or reverse engineered and is therefore unlimited in its application.

It provides both a secure and simple system to authenticate a product, whilst also providing personalised customer engagement within seconds.

This means every single Smart QR® can provide a unique customer experience.

See point below on “customer experience”.

What is a SplatCode™?

It’s a randomly created image that cannot be created more than once, even by us, so there is no risk of a duplicate SplatCode™ being created. As it is randomly created it cannot be reverse engineered and / or copied.

Does a consumer need to download a special App to scan the SmartQR® code?

No, Chameleon has focused on making the most secure, yet frictionless product authentication system, so a consumer does not need to download yet another App to scan a SmartQR® code. A Consumer can simply use their regular smartphone camera to scan the SmartQR® – in doing so they can quickly validate that a product is genuine and also gain access to rich and engaging content about the brand and product.

How costly is this technology to implement across my business / product line?

Surprising inexpensive! –– Compared to other types of authentication technologies like RFiD’s or NFC’s, our system is very affordable. We also have a very simple and totally transparent pricing structure, based on a monthly subscription and unit marking fee, which can be stopped at anytime.

Can I trial your technology on a few products before committing to a full roll-out?

Yes absolutely you can trial before you commit – we are really happy to offer all new customers a very low priced trial with free setup.

If you love our technology (we’re sure you will) and want to roll it out across all your products, then we are rewarding our first 50 customers by keeping our prices low for the first 12 months.

Is Chameleon’s technology expensive or complicated to implement?

No, not at all, its really simple to implement, it does not require you to make any changes to your current production line or packaging / labelling process, nor do you have to invest in any new systems or technology hardware.

Can a sophisticated counterfeiter hack a SmartQR® code and steal or copy the data?

A counterfeiter cannot hack a SmartQR® code, as there is nothing to hack! – it doesn’t hold any data or secret code. It’s a randomly generated image which is stored in our Encrypted database and then compared with the scanned Image, using Chameleon’s proprietary Image Matching Algorithm.

Are NFC’s or RFID technologies more secure than Chameleon’s SmartQR®?

No, actually they are less secure, as they contain data and information relating to the product, manufacturer and or supply chain. When scanned, this information is readily available to a counterfeiter to copy. Also this technology is more expensive to implement and has packaging and label limitations that these technologies can work with.

Apart from Product Authentication - Can Chameleon’s technology be used for anything else?

Yes absolutely – Chameleon’s technology was built with a total focus on customer experience (AKA Consumer) – We built the system to allow brands to provide their customers with total transparency and engage directly with them.

So the system provides extra value by giving brands a suite of additional easy to use features for product or brand specific Customer Engagement, which we or you can personally customise or edit at any time.

This is not possible to do with a normal QR code, as it has a fixed end point (ie Website) that it directs a user to, so it can’t be changed after its printed – Chameleon’s SmartQR® is Dynamic and can be changed after its printed. This allows a brand to make changes to the customer experience and information contained on products already on the selves – ie introduce product promotions or competitions.

All of these are accessed from a consumer smartphone, all with a simple scan.

These can include:

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Product ingredients information or health / wellness properties
  • Health and Safety or Regulatory information
  • History or information about the brand
  • A product instructional or promotional video in any language
  • Complementary Product information
  • Product competitions or promotions
  • Customer ChatBot