Protect against counterfeits

More and more governments, companies and brands from many different industries and sectors are constantly battling an agile and increasingly sophisticated threat to their businesses and brands – the global counterfeit industry.

Chameleon offers an inexpensive and effective way to help combat this scourge – by piggybacking this authentication on the back of building smarter customer engagement.

Our solution allows marketers to engage directly with their consumer and use them as their partner in the battle to combat counterfeit or fake goods.

Better customer engagement

By engaging better with customers wherever they are by scanning the SmartQR® code via their smartphones, marketers and their customers can enjoy numerous benefits.

They can engage with the consumer and build closer direct relationships by delivering relevant and personalised content, special promotions, special offers and other incentives that build a closer bond between the consumer and the brand.

Authentication and traceability

Our solution makes it easy for manufacturers, marketers and other stakeholders to authenticate and trace the provenance of their products. This enables brands to offer total transparency to customers.

Supply chain traceability

Where supply chain traceability is a concern, our solution can be partnered with an existing traceability system easily and affordably to verify the product’s journey at every stage.

Blockchain compatibility

Our solution can be easily integrated with an existing and newly developed blockchain platform to provide seamless connectivity.

Key industries

Some of the key areas, sectors, products and industries most suited for our solution includes:

Food, including meat & seafood, FMCG, wine & champagne, baby food & baby formula

Pharmaceuticals, health & wellness

Luxury brands, diamonds, watches, art

Packaging, labelling and bottling

Government documentation, IDs and certification

OEM of car and machine parts